Developing a drug and making it available to patients often costs biopharmaceutical companies more than a decade and sometimes billions of euros. TNO’s latest Tech Transfer spin-off, Peregrion uses game-changing microtracer AMS technology to obtain human efficacy data in the earliest stages of clinical development. This both accelerates and de-risks drug development, and will benefit both the industry itself and the patients they serve.

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Over more than a decade, TNO has attained market successes and regulatory approvals to aid pharmaceutical companies in their early clinical development programmes. Several industry-leading companies are already utilising TNO’s microtracer AMS technology. With the Peregrion spin-off, the technology is set to become the global standard for (early) clinical drug development.

Pioneering and proven

Peregrion operates three biomedical Accelerator Mass Spectrometers(AMS) equipped with sample preparation devices that detect, identify, and quantify all human metabolites during Phase 1 clinical trials. The sample combustion technology allows the AMS system to apply microtracer pathway probing with 14C-labelled substrates, offering unparalleled measurement sensitivity while retaining the required high data richness. The data from these microtracer studies can be sent to regulatory agencies during early clinical development for approval. This new way of working reduces the total development time by as much as two years. In cases of rejection, the initial development costs are significantly lower.

“The microtracer approach [is] one of the most promising animal-free innovation pathways. Pharmaceutical leaders are already embracing our ‘human first, human only’ strategy as the preferred method to obtain drug metabolism data.”
Wouter Vaes (on the right), Microdosing and microtracing studies

Tangible benefits for pharma and biotech

The microtracer AMS technology, which TNO is further developing on a broader scale to include biologics and paediatric medicine, presents the biopharmaceutical industry with an opportunity to reinvent the way drug development takes place. Because Peregrion enables important human data to be obtained at a much earlier stage of development, de-risking the development process with costly, labour-intensive and time-consuming animal radiolabelled ADME studies is a thing of the past.

Moreover, because data from these AMS enabled microtracer studies are available earlier in the development process, ADME, Pharmacometrics, PBPK and formulation scientists can be provided with essential data to fine-tune dosing regimens and optimise the further stages of clinical development.

Accelerating clinical development together

Peregrion is the go-to partner for pharma and biotech companies who understand the urgency for faster, safer and future-oriented clinical development. By leveraging the innovative, human-first/human-only, AMS-enabled microtracer approach as the global standard in hADME and AbsBA studies, new medicines will be able to reach patients sooner than ever before.

Do you also want to reap the benefits of microtracer AMS technology? Contact TNO to connect with the team at Peregrion.