Phase 1: Business case & route to market

Upon approval of the phase 1 application by the Tech Transfer board, a budget of up to €40,000 will be allocated for a three-month period to execute the planned activities. These activities will result in the creation of a slide deck.

If the conclusion of phase 1 is that the most optimal route to market is the creation of a new entity, such as a spin-off, the project team can proceed to apply for phase 2.

If you are a TNO researcher with interest to apply for a phase 1 budget, please see this page for instructions.

In phase 1 the primary goal is to identify the optimal route to market for the TNO technology in question. The activities undertaken during this phase will culminate in a well-founded business case and a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons associated with different market routes.

To facilitate this process, the TNO applicant will assemble a dedicated project team. This team will benefit from oversight and support provided by our Tech Transfer Team. Additionally, if deemed necessary, the project team has the flexibility to enlist external support, such as hiring a market research agency, an external entrepreneur, or participating in an accelerator or incubator programme.

"Doing a phase 1 project was extremely educational. In fact, I think every colleague should go through this process, so that one can conduct research with more market knowledge." - Marieke Soeter, Scientist at TNO

What does the Tech Transfer program offer in phase 1?

  • Coaching and support on how to do a proper market validation
  • Workshops on amongst others value proposition design, finding the right initial market and stakeholder positioning
  • Support with how to ask the right questions to your potential customers and how to approach them
  • Feedback on pitching and slide decks
  • Support with applying for phase 1 and 2 budgets
  • Support with doing an IP analysis
  • Guidance on getting TNO internally aligned to start a spin-off
  • As part of the program we urge participants to get acquainted with the e-learnings and the book "How to Become Investor Ready" through the Knowledge Centre