Tech Transfer Board

Every step of the Tech Transfer process involves Tech Transfer Board. This board reviews and approves applications for phase 1 and 2 budgets and advises TNO’s Executive Board on the launch of a spin-off. The Tech Transfer Board consists of internal and external members and provides extensive feedback to the Tech Transfer applicants. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive and informed decision-making process.

Afbeelding Board website 2024

The Tech Transfer Board is comprised of

  • Susan Swarte (CFO of TNO)
  • Hans Boumans (Director of Tech Transfer)
  • Machteld de Kroon (Managing Director of the Mobility & Built Environment unit)
  • Arnaud de Jong (Managing Director of the High Tech Industry unit)
  • Berry Vetjens (Director of the ICT Strategy & Policy Market unit)
  • Paul ten Hout (Unit Controller High Tech Industry).

Since 2018, the Tech Transfer Board has been further strengthened with the addition of external members, including

  • Sven Bakkes, Founding Partner of LUMO labs
  • Guus Frericks, Founder & Managing Partner of DeepTechXL
  • Sander Verbrugge, Partner at Innovation Industries
  • Bram Ledeboer, Impact Investor at SHIFT invest

The Tech Transfer Board convenes eight times a year.