Phase 3: Attract external financing

Following the establishment of a spin-off, founders often require financial support for growth. This typically entails seeking external financing such as venture capital, loans, or grants. TNO facilitates this crucial stage by providing support and advise tailored for founders. Moreover, our Tech Transfer Team boasts a robust network with early-stage investors and financiers.

In most instances, TNO maintains an active role in the companies we've founded, serving as a shareholder. With a track record of over 40 successful company foundations, our ongoing commitment ensures continued support and collaboration. If you're intrigued by the prospect of investing in one of our spin-offs, explore our dedicated investor page for more information.

Every spin-off has a dedicated Tech Transfer officer from our team supporting them in the spin-off journey. We are in close contact with most companies and we connect entrepreneurs for peer learning. Once a year, we host an event where all spin-off companies can meet each other. In addition, we are working on a knowledge center where we compile essential information for starting entrepreneurs.