Phase 2: Venture building & incorporation

The main objective in phase 2 is to lay the groundwork for the actual establishment of a spin-off. During this phase, the TNO project team works on the development of a comprehensive business plan, including a financial strategy. For phase 2, a maximum budget of €60,000 is provided for a six-month period to cover the hours of the project team.

One main factor at this stage is composing the spin-off team. At times, the Tech Transfer Team supports with identifying external members, such as an experienced entrepreneur. During this phase, agreements are made between the spin-off, external stakeholders and TNO. These agreements include topics such as licensing, equity participation, governance, labor affairs, brand names, trademarks, real estate, facilities, and the anticipated impact on TNO and collaboration.

Phase 2 is where the plans turn into an actual spin-off company. The Tech Transfer team supports the project team members during this journey.