Orange Quantum Systems

Orange QS offers products to test quantum chip performance. Creating the test equipment and protocols needed to obtain relevant information about this performance requires extensive developer time and expertise. Herein lies the bottleneck.


Integrating for concrete applications

The aim of the QuTech programme has always been to accelerate the transition of quantum technology from pure science to practical application, thereby creating new industries and job opportunities. This is why both the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy are providing long-term financial support. Orange Quantum Systems is one of the start-ups and spin-offs within this ecosystem. Its particular strength lies in the integration of all components and processes to create working quantum technology-based systems. Where other companies in Delft are developing and manufacturing quantum components, Orange QS is putting them together to create systems that can be put to use in concrete applications.

Extremely complex calculations

The quantum computer is a step change from the traditional PC in that it performs calculations not with individual bits that have a value of either 0 or 1, but with quantum bits, which raises calculation speeds to unprecedented levels. The computer of the future will not carry out individual functions separately, but will do everything at once. This allows rapid calculations to be performed in areas that are too complex for conventional computers. This should greatly speed up the delivery of important breakthroughs in solving social problems; for instance, the development of medicines, a process which normally takes many years, could be carried out much more quickly.


Orange Quantum Systems currently depends in part on the development of quantum technology within QuTech, with Microsoft and Intel as partners of TNO and TU Delft, but within a few years it aims to be an entirely independent company.

Advisory services

Orange Quantum Systems sells the OrangeQS Industry System to quantum chip makers. Thanks to features such as automation, the ability to switch between chips, and thorough system integration, this machine makes testing quantum chips orders of magnitude cheaper and faster. Additionally, they offer the OrangeQS R&D System to R&D labs. This system provides everything needed for faster and more cost-effective testing, while remaining relatively more flexible in deployment. For researchers, they also offer the option to license our test software, the Quantum Diagnostics Libraries. They can provide this software along with an integrated stack of room temperature electronics, the OrangeQS Rack. Since every lab is different, they always tailor their products to the customer's needs within our Quantum Care service.