To prevent discrimination in recruitment as well as in selection processes and create equal opportunities for everyone in the job market, TNO has developed a digital support tool: Objectiv-eye. This tool assists employers and recruiters in objectively and competence-based recruiting and selecting candidates. The approach not only helps prevent labor market discrimination but also ensures that talent in the job market is fully utilized.

Objectiv-eye afbeelding

Selecting based on competences

The tool is based on step-by-step plans researched and developed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and TNO. At the heart of the application is the use of competence-based recruitment and selection, in line with a skills-based labour market. This involves being able to determine objectively the skills and competences that candidates have.

It still happens too often that a recruiter or employer makes a selection because they unconsciously ‘click’ with a candidate – or fail to do so. People who, based on their competences, would be well-suited for the job are then sidelined. Or others are excluded because of their background or gender. As a result, not only is the candidate deprived of a fair chance, but the employer also potentially misses out on a suitable candidate for the job.

Going through the steps

With Objectiv-eye, the employer goes through a number of steps in a digital platform to reach an objective selection of candidates. It starts by defining the position to be filled in terms of competences and skills. Objectiv-eye provides a uniform and recognised competence language for this purpose, appropriate to the job and the tasks. From this, the recruiter selects the top 5 or 6 most important skills expected of the candidate and incorporates them into the job vacancy that is posted through the platform.

Open questions

The recruiter then develops a set of competence-based open-ended questions using Objectiv-eye. Instead of submitting a cover letter and CV, the candidate answers these questions in an online environment, after which the recruiter can score the answers based on a pre-generated scoring table.

Similar support is provided for generating questions and scoring tables for the job interview. For these, Objectiv-eye also provides evidence-based support on the basis of the recognised competence language and process approach, in line with the upcoming legislation.

Gains for employee and employer

Objectiv-eye grew out of TNO’s Brains4x-challenges initiative, which started with Brains4corona, followed by Brains4nitrogen during the nitrogen crisis. The aim is always to pool diverse knowledge and expertise at TNO to help solve acute societal issues in the short term. In Brains4work, TNO’s labour market and digital technology experts have pooled their skills. For example, the platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Objectiv-eye offers a structured, process-based working method that makes recruitment and selection many times more objective, with gains for both employee and employer.

TNO will further develop and validate the method in the coming period with large organisations in industry and with the national government and HR software suppliers. In the next phase, the tool will also be made suitable for SMEs. In the future, it will be possible to link the platform to HR systems used by employers.