BlueHeart Energy

Heating and cooling represent 50% of the EU’s final energy consumption and up to 70% of domestic energy use. A growing sensitivity among population towards environmental preservation and EU regulations are pushing sustainable solutions in the market.


Heat pumps are considered to be efficient systems. However, they have significant performance limitations and need to be combined with other systems to meet the full residential needs, becoming complex to install and expensive for the user. But this is about to change: together with TNO, the start-up BlueHeart Energy is working on a new type of heat pump that will overcome all the shortcomings of current heat pumps.

A clean solution

Compression heat pumps and air conditioning systems currently use refrigerants with HFC, that have 1.000 to 9.000 times greater capacity to warm the atmosphere than CO2. BlueHeart has leveraged TNO’s deep knowledge on thermo acoustics to develop a heat pump that uses Helium as medium without requiring a refrigerant. Hence, it is innocuous for the environment.

Heat pump

Current heat pumps require a good house insulation in order to work efficiently. BlueHeart superior performance eliminates this barrier of entry, as it can function efficiently in existing houses without requiring previous insulation.

Silent and affordable

BlueHearts Technology is completely silent. It contains fewer parts than today’s complex systems. As a consequence, it will significantly reduce the cost of ownership of heat pumps by lowering not only the energy bill, but also its purchase price and the maintenance needs.

BlueHeart inside

BlueHeart Energy solution has been conceived to replace the core component of existing heat pumps, and designed to be easily integrated by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators. Hence, it will not be directly sold to the public, but as the embedded engine of the most advanced heat pumps in the market. It will be launched in the Netherlands, and the EU, but it is expected to revolutionize the heating and cooling industry in the entire world. TNO is a co-founder of BlueHeart Energy and also has a technology license agreement.