eLearning: Termsheet Terms

These six videos will take you through the purpose and standard content of a termsheet. The total viewing time is 41 minutes . You can pause the videos or slow down/increase the playback speed when needed. The answer boxes below the video are there for comments and questions.

The discussed termsheet in this learning is a template is from Capital Waters. You can download the used template here.

Part 1

In this first video we give an introduction into termsheets and discuss some general clauses.

Part 2

In part 2 we discuss securities and risk mitigation clauses for the investors. These include restrictive covenants, warranties, founder vesting and lock-up.

Part 3

In part 3 we discuss clauses around the control of shares. These include the rights of first refusal, drag along, tag along and pre-emptive rights.

Part 4

In part 4 we discuss clauses around the control of the company. These include preferred shares, investor majority, management board, supervisory board and reserved matters.

Part 5

In part 5 we will discuss the liquidation preference.

Part 6

In part 6 we will discuss anti-dilution protection