19-Jul-2018 | Investering in SALDTech bv

SALDtech announced that it has closed an investment round with Innovation Industries, a leading high-tech VC fund. Holst Centre/TNO has invested over 10 years developing and perfecting a new technology solution to produce ultra-thin layers over large areas with world class performance in terms of uniformity and quality: Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition.

SALDtech, a spin-off of Holst Centre/TNO, targets the integration of this technology into the production lines of manufacturers of displays for mobile phones, tablets, TVs and more. This will help to finally enable the mass production of next generations of displays, such as flexible, foldable and rollable displays. While such displays have been talked about for many years, scalable production has not been possible – until now. SALDtech will use the investment to close a partnership deal with a major display manufacturing partner while also accelerating activities for the first equipment build.

SALDtech is focused on the development and commercialisation of Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition equipment for the display industry. Karl McGoldrick, Director of SALDtech states: “SALDtech combines the innovation strengths of TNO with the High Tech Systems building expertise of the Netherlands and specifically of Brainport (the Eindhoven region) to deliver an enabling solution to a multi-billion dollar display industry whilst creating business and jobs in the Netherlands. We are delighted to now have a top Dutch investor in the form of Innovation Industries on board to complete the package and make this happen”.

“We are very excited about our investment in SALDtech”, says Nard Sintenie, Partner at Innovation Industries. “SALDtech’s technology has the ability to change the way we are working and interacting with displays and thereby addresses a huge market.”

Founding institute TNO is delighted with the opportunity the financing round offers to SALDtech. “Innovation Industries’ second investment in a TNO spin-off, after the investment in Nearfield Instruments last year, shows the potential of the research we are doing at Holst Centre and TNO. This investment is the next step in strengthening the Dutch economic position and Brainport in particular.” says Jaap Lombaers, Director at TNO.

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