Report 'TNO spin-offs in the spotlight'

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TNO spin-offs in the spotlight

In the report 'TNO spin-offs in the spotlight' an overview is given of the spin-offs that were set up by TNO in the past three years.
Here you can read how entrepreneurs started their own business through the unique knowledge of TNO.

The young companies included in the report:
- SALDtech
- Blue Heart Energy
- Gexcon Netherlands
- Solar Visuals
- JOA Scanning Technology
- Nearfield Instruments
- BiBo
- LeydenJar
- SolaRoad
- More PV
- TrustTester
- Sightlabs
- TiledMedia


Would you like to know more about the Tech Transfer program or are you interested in one of the spin-offs, please contact Tech Transfer or the spin-off.